Isn’t it time you experience a life change? Explore new places, finally get that year of living abroad that you’ve always wished for? The thought of working from the beach or a hammock in a tropical location can easily induce envy, especially if you’re sitting in a cubicle or working from home in your sweatpants.

Well, we are all in luck. Due to the pandemic, working remotely has become normalized, shifting the nomad scene into a somewhat of a mainstream. However, even if it is a dream come true, being a digital nomad isn’t always going to be easy. That’s why, we’re prepared a list of the most important things you should definitely think about when you’re considering this lifestyle.


  1. Choose a city with a digital nomad community

This is an important one. Having a community of nomads to connect with, is quite crucial. Whenever you think about your destination, there are a lot of things to take into consideration – this being one of the most important ones. If you go to a city that has an established nomad community, you’ll more likely have built-in support.

  1. Choose a location that aligns with your working hours

Avoid destinations where the time difference could be crucial to your well-being. Working from a beautiful, sunny-scape is absolutely pointless if you cannot enjoy it.

  1. Consider technology requirements

Make sure the country you’re relocating to has a good internet connection. Also, make sure you find a provider in order to get a SIM card, otherwise the chances are you’ll have to pay a lot for roaming internationally or your data will be capped at a lower speed after you’ve exhausted your free international data allowance.

  1. Get travel insurance

Depending on where you’re travelling to, local healthcare can be quite expensive, hence why it is always a good idea to get a travel insurance to cover all unexpected emergencies.

  1. Join co-living communities

If you’re still quite nervous about taking the leap on your own, you can consider joining a co-living or a co-working community. This is something you can easily find in most cities and they tend to run coordinated gatherings constantly – this could easily help you expand your social circle and make your adaptation to the new environment easier.

  1. Be prepared for a few logistical nightmares


Finding consistent Wi-Fi is a pain. Organizing conference calls across 6 hour time differences is not a joy. 12-hour time differences are worse. Make sure you pick your spot well and be prepared ahead for any issues that might appear.

The ability to live and work from nearly anywhere opens up a world of possibilities to create the lifestyle you desire; however, you need to make sure you’re making the right choices in order for the whole experience not to become a burden. Keep your head up and keep in mind – planning and researching is what makes a decision non-regrettable.

Driven by passion and shaped by years of experience in global mobility, we’re ready to take the leap with you. Even if that leap means you’re bringing in your first employee from abroad, or you’ve already been through this process countless times.

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