The immigration process can be exhausting when there is so much paperwork that needs to be done. Based on our experience, nothing can be more distressing than discovering the immigration process of your non-EU workers has been halted because of missing documents, or worse, denied because the specifications weren’t met. We are here to guide you through this process as smoothly as someone with experience and familiarity with national authorities can.


Obtaining studies recognition


Authentication, translation and detailed analysis of diploma supplements will be required, and the process duration is likely to be longer than for EU nationals.


Obtaining work permits


We’ll help your non-EU worker obtain the permit they need, in accordance with their employment contract. They may qualify as a permanent worker, a seasonal one, a trainee, an athlete, a cross-border worker, etc. We’ll be there during the document collection for their file, the file’s application and until the work permit’s release, which generally takes no longer than 30 days to be obtained. We can also handle the extension of work permits, when applicable.


Obtaining work visa


We’re here to make sure the application file is in perfect order, to prepare your employees for their visa interview and provide support throughout this entire process.


Obtaining residence permits


A residence permit must be obtained at least 30 days before the right to stay, as granted by their visa, expires. We’ll guide them through the application, then follow-up in the case of extra check-ups so that their timeline is perfect in what rules and procedures are concerned.


Family reunification process


If the expatriate wishes to bring their family to Romania for all the duration of their stay here, we can make it possible by obtaining residence permits for their spouse and children.


Prepare yourself. The best is yet to come!

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