The legal obligations of employers in the case of transnational delegations and secondments in the European Union

Nestlers Group is hosting a free online event in partnership with HR Club on the topic of “Legal Obligations of Employers in the Case of Transnational Secondments in the EU.” This initiative is tailored for employers in Romania and human resources professionals involved in employee delegations (business trips) and secondments to other member states of the European Union.

The proposed event represents a specially designed informational session to prepare you for the necessary legal steps in the case of employee delegations and secondments, in accordance with Directive 96/71/EC on the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services, Regulation 883/2014 on the coordination of social security systems, and Law 16/2017 on the posting of employees in the context of transnational service provision.

What can you learn about at this event?

  • The distinctions between delegation and transnational secondment, as well as secondment in accordance with labor laws;
  • The legal obligations in the case of delegations (business trips);
  • The legal obligations in the case of domestic secondments;
  • The legal obligations in the case of transnational secondments.

The lack of knowledge about legal obligations or the ignorance thereof can lead to significant financial penalties and legal issues for both your company and the host company within the EU territory. By participating in this event, you will gain a clear understanding of the European legal framework, learn how to adapt to legislative changes, and acquire the best practices for interpreting and applying European legislation.

The event will be moderated by Andreea Gheorghe, Managing Partner at Nestlers Group, who will share knowledge and insights gained throughout her career in this field. Participation in this event will assist you in developing a detailed understanding of the European legal landscape, staying informed about ways to adapt to legislative changes, and assimilating the most effective practices in interpreting and implementing European legislation.

We look forward to having you with us for this learning and knowledge-sharing opportunity that is essential for the business environment. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your understanding of European legislation and discover best practices in compliance with it.

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