Are expats more devoted to company goals?

A major study confirms that mobile employees display ‘higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and productivity’ when taking foreign assignments.

According to the ‘US Employee Benefit Trends Study’ which was based on a sample group of 5000 employers and employees discovered that expats is twice more dedicated to their job and further, are more likely to recommend their organization as a harmonious place of work.

91 percent of expat employees were satisfied with their job compared to just 73 percent of their colleagues who refused to partake in global assignments. Similarly, the mobile workforce was way more dedicated to the company’s goals rather than the employees who decided to undertake their career journey from their home country.

It is however very important that the mobile employees or expats receive an adequate benefit package, tailored to their needs, as well as a smooth transition to their relocation to the host country. Customizing benefits according to the needs of each employee is vital in an upcoming global project. Whether it is intercultural trainings, house hunting for them to manage to adapt and settle-in faster and choose a property that suits them best or help to get their family settled in, as well as healthcare management – these are all rather important things that would motivate the employee to achieve their goals and remain satisfied with the decision to partake in a global project.

There is immense potential in global projects and the new wave of millennial employees are significantly more opened to new experiences, becoming considerably more dedicated to their job as well as to company goals.

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