Reglementări privind salarizarea: SLOVACIA

Remuneration conditions

Minimum wage is set by the Regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic always to 1st January of the pertinent calendar year.

For 2021, the minimum wage is set at EUR 3.580 per hour or, as applicable, EUR 623 per month.

An employee shall be entitled to wages earned and a wage surcharge equal to at least 25% of his/her average earnings for the performance of overtime work.

Legal hours

The working time of an employee shall be 40 hours. An employee´s average weekly working time including overtime may not exceed 48 hours. There are certain exceptions to the given rule related to the planning of working time, nature of work, age of an employee.


An employer shall be obliged to provide an employee whose work shift is longer than six hours with a break for rest and eating with a duration of 30 minutes.

An employer shall be obliged to provide an adolescent employee whose work shift is longer than 4.5 hours with a break for rest and eating with a duration of 30 minutes.

Minimum number of days/hours off:

An employer shall be obliged to arrange working time in such a way that, between the end of one shift and the beginning of another shift, an employee has the minimum rest of 12 consecutive hours within 24 hours, and an adolescent employee, at least 14 consecutive hours within 24 hours.
Such rest period may be reduced to eight hours for an employee older than 18 years of age, in some cases.


An employee shall have the right to three types of paid holidays:

  1. a) Annual paid holiday or a proportionate part thereof:

An employee who, during the continuous duration of an employment relationship with the same employer, performed work for the employer for at least 60 days in the calendar year shall be entitled to annual paid holiday, or a proportionate part thereof, unless the employment relationship lasted continuously over the whole calendar year.

  1. b) paid holiday for days worked

An employee who is not entitled to annual paid holiday nor proportionate part thereof, as he/she has not performed at least 60 days of work in the calendar year with the same employer, shall be entitled to paid holiday for days worked to the extent of one twelfth of annual paid holiday for each 21 days worked in the pertinent calendar year.

  1. c) supplementary paid holiday.

An employee working underground over the whole calendar year in the extraction of minerals or driving tunnels or passages and an employee who performs particularly difficult or health-endangering work, shall be entitled to supplementary paid holiday of one week.

Notification requirement

The employer that is posting his/her workers to the territory of Slovak Republic is obliged to notify the National labour inspectorate.

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