Cultura în mediul de afaceri: BRAZILIA

Brazilian business culture is mostly based on openness and friendliness – the line in between personal and professional relationships is found to be rather hazy. Hence, business relationships tend to be more about the individuals rather than their companies and so, getting acquainted in a more personal manner is deemed to be one of the most important factors that lead to harmonious business relationships.

  1. Primary contact: It is quite essential that an initial digital contact is established – whether it is a digital conference, a phone call or an email – prior to the business meeting in person. During the meeting – if the meeting takes place in Brazil – it is advised that you bring with you a Portuguese interpreter or rather, that you speak Portuguese.
  2. Punctuality: Brazilian’s approach to time management is quite flexible. It is still advised that you show punctuality but most importantly, do not show any signs of distress or frustrations in case of delays.
  3. Greetings: A simple handshake is the most common greeting in Brazil, while for women two kisses on the cheek after the first encounter are widely appreciated.
  4. Gifting: Bringing gifts to a business meeting is not quite appreciated in Brazil’s business culture as it might be interpreted as disrespectful due to the connotations towards bribery. If, however, you would still like to offer them a gift, make sure you give it in a social setting rather than a professional one. However, inviting your business counterpart to a lunch or a dinner is quite appreciated and considered much more elegant rather than gifting.
  5. Dress-code: Brazil’s professional dress-code is rather formal and conservative. Of course, this all depends on the industry but it is quite often expected for men to wear suits and ties while women to be dressed elegant – in any professional encounter
  6. Business Cards: These are considered a form of introduction and are presented and exchanged at the very beginning of a business meeting.
  7. Business Meetings: Business meetings tend to be quite personal rather that professional and so, it is quite important to have a social encounter especially before a negotiation. Within these social encounters, whomever invites, normally pays, but however, the other party is expected to offer to pay too.

If making a presentation, it is advised that you keep It quite short. Moreover, Brazilian meetings tend to be quite energetic and engaging and so, you should never appear offended in case you get interrupted during your presentation.

In conclusion, Brazil is considered to have quite a relaxed, yet sophisticated business culture, that is mostly based on individuals rather that the companies they are affiliated with.

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