Reglementări privind salarizarea: Elveția

Minimum wage

A posted worker’s minimum pay depends on his/her activity and professional experience.

At the very minimum, employers must guarantee their posted workers the working and pay conditions prescribed by Swiss federal law, Federal Council ordinances, generally applicable collective employment contracts and standard employment contracts with mandatory minimum pay.

Legal working hours

Working hours refer to the actual time spent working per day, week, month or year. They must be defined or, at the very least, definable.

Working hours are based on an individual, standard or collective employment contract, or on business practice. They must, however, comply with the protective regulations of the Employment Act.

Minimum number of days/hours off:

Monday through Saturday are considered as business days. Because Sundays are considered as non-business days, work on Sundays requires authorisation.


Breaks refer to time spent away from work duties in order to rest, eat or pursue leisure activities. Workers may leave work premises during breaks.

Working hours Minimum break
over 5.5 hours 15 min.
over 7 hours 30 min.
over 9 hours 60 min.


By law, workers up to their 20th birthday are entitled to five weeks of paid annual holiday, while all other workers are entitled to four weeks.

At least two weeks of holiday must be taken consecutively. Additional holiday entitlement may be agreed in an individual employment contract or an applicable standard or collective employment contract.

Notification requirement as per the Posted Workers Directive

General services up to 90 actual work days are subject to the notification procedure. Notification must be submitted eight days before beginning work.

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