Sărbătorile legale din România în 2021

Romania’s Bank Holidays in 2021

  1. 1st and 2nd of January – New Year’s Day and the Day after New Years Bank Holiday
  2. 24th of January – National Union Day;
  3. 30th of April – Good Friday(Easter);
  4. 1st of May – Labor Day
  5. 2nd and 3rd of May – Orthodox Easter 2021;
  6. 1st of June – Children’s Day;
  7. 20th and 21st of June – Pentecost and Whit Monday
  8. 15th of August – Dormition of the Mother of God;
  9. 30th of November– St Andrew’s Day;
  10. 1st of December – Great Union Day;
  11. 25th and 26th of December – Christmas Day.

Furthermore, according to art. 139 of the Labor Code, individuals who are part of other legal religious denominations, other than the Christian ones, receive two days free for each of the three annual religious celebrations – all determined correspondingly to the legal religious cults timeline. These are granted by the employer and will be placed on distinctive days than the days of the legal holidays established according to the law or of annual rest leave.

Moreover, for employees who belong to a legal, Christian religious cult, the days off for Good Friday (the Friday preceding Easter Sunday), the first and second day of Easter and the first and second day of Pentecost are granted depending on the date that the cult has them established by.

Employees who benefited from the days off for Good Friday (the Friday preceding Easter Sunday), the first and second day of Easter, the first and second day of Pentecost, both at the dates established for the legal, Christian religious cult to which they belong, as well as and for another Christian worship – they will recover additional days off based on a schedule established by the employer.

Andrei Toader, Tax Consultant NestlersGroup

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