Are you ready to take a step forward and start growing your enterprise? Open your horizons towards new expansions. Hire globally.

Our Employer of Record services can help you do just that. While you, as the client, will manage the workload and time of the employee, the Employer of Record service provider will become the legal employer, handling all hassles such as: work visas, tax & payroll, social contributions and making sure all labour regulations are met.


There are multiple positive reasons why using an Employer of Record would be beneficial for the expansion of your company, such as:


  • The foreign market you are prepared to enter has unusually distinctive employment laws that are a hassle to your HR department – they might be unfamiliar to such laws
  • You are not prepared to commit to the foreign market, and therefore you need to test out the environment first, before opening a brand office solely for employment purposes
  • You would like to hire global talent and employ them in a remote manner, but you still need a way to run a local payroll for them
  • Your business model involves outsourcing the employment and admin


Furthermore, there are quite a few advantages for your company when starting to use an Employer of record service, such as:


  • If your business model covers an expansion towards different countries, we offer one point of contact across all projects for any legal-related matters
  • Unified invoicing and reporting across all employees you have through our Employer of Record service
  • Expert advice on notice periods, termination rules, severance pay and local payroll in any of the countries you’ve decided to expand to
  • Business visa support & work permits
  • Shortened chain of communication: our English-speaking team members will keep you constantly updated on any matters regarding your employees
  • Customer service support

To conclude, accessing an Employer of Record service could be fundamental for your company in the case in which it involves new expansions towards foreign markets. Not only it can work as a test-run in order to determine whether the projected market is a profitable environment to generate business, but it can also give your company the chance hire global talent, no strings attached.

Employer of record, the highest level of business expansion services.

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