Confidence is key for any businessman travelling the world. And part of that confidence comes from the knowledge that their visa is granted right in time for that important business trip.

What can we offer you?


Support in obtaining business visas for workers residing in Romania 


Business professionals may need to arrange trips to different countries for conferences, making connections in the industry, meeting potential partners or investors, exploring the possibility of a fusion and many more. We can provide this service for both Romanian and other business people residing in Romania.


Support in obtaining the Schengen visa 


Business trips to Europe can be a handful to plan, with many documents to request and file, embassies to apply to and interviews to attend. So, let us handle the hassle for your short stay in the Schengen Zone while you can work on your on-site schedule and business affairs.


Other types of visas 


People residing in Romania often need to enter another country for work purposes, and we are more than willing to recommend a process for their specific needs and see it through. There are also cases where residents may need a visa for purposes other than work, such as studies and volunteer activities, with which we are more than willing to help.

Rest assured, we have it all covered.

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