Social security

Taking care of your expatriate’s social security is having a good business practice.

Nothing says you have a good people management more than taking care of your global talent. And social security is a must. Get in touch with our consultants and we’ll tell you how to insure your expatriate receives their benefits, as well as their children and spouse if they are also travelling along. Eliminate risk liabilities, keep your global talent happy and learn how to avoid paying social security contribution in both the host and home countries for assignees.

What can we do for you?

  • Registration in the Romanian Public Health System (including co-insured persons);
  • Validating the status of the insured person in the Romanian public health system;
  • Obtaining the A1 form;
  • Obtaining the S1 form;
  • Obtaining the European Health Insurance Card.

Social security is our top priority.

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