International Relocation

We’ll guide your steps abroad!

Area orientation tour – Meet your new destination

Tailor-made tours of the new destination designed for each client’s own personal needs. The unique situation of every client is at the core of the tour so that we are able to offer valuable and useful information.

House hunting – relax, your new home is one step away

Our house Hunting Service saves time and money, as we have key knowledge on the local areas. We give comprehensive, clear and honest information to help our clients choose the property that suits them best and allow them to settle-in faster.

Settling-in services – trust us, we make the transition easier

Nestlers offer support in terms of various services the client might need once they arrive in the host location: babysitting and cleaning services, transport, connection to utilities, banking services, healthcare registration, driver’s license and car registration.

Tenancy management 

Proactive lease management, cost control, timely property management, our specialists are here in case anything that falls within the responsibility of the landlord is to be handled. Everything with absolutely no trouble for the employee. 

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