A delicate matter needs a soft and effective approach. Changing one’s life is never easy. But Nestlers can make it simple, safe, legal, and fast paced.

What we provide?

Obtaining the right visa and immigration papers for your assignees can be a very nerve-racking and time-consuming activity; however, it is also essential and unavoidable for a fast and safe mobilization of resources. 

With highly knowledgeable immigration consultants, Nestlers will timely deliver the appropriate filing and process support for all the immigration and visa related issues. We make sure the entire necessary documentation is available, fully filled in and submitted on time, in accordance with Romanian legal requirements. The application process is permanently supervised and the updates are regularly communicated to the corporate client as well as the assignee.

Our immigration services cover, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • EU nationals registration certificates,
  • Territorial Labour Office notifications,
  • Apostilles and super-authentication,
  • Work permits for assignments and local hires,
  • Short and long stay visas,
  • Resident permits and residence cards,
  • National Health Insurance Fund registration,
  • Family reunification process,
  • Blue Card residence permits,
  • Driving license exchange,
  • Invitation letters,
  • Cancellations and return decisions,
  • Translations and legalizations / Notary Public assistance.

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