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Maybe you don’t have to manage foreign workers quite often. Maybe you’re part of an HR department that lacks a specialist in what global mobility is concerned. But that doesn’t mean you can’t acquire the knowledge and skills needed to safely and lawfully manage the mobile talent that’s been brought to your organization

What does welcoming global talent entail?

Your skilled foreign employees need to be brought into the country and the immigration procedures differ highly depending on their status as either EU or non-EU citizens.

Some can only be accepted if they already have a work permit. Some are stationed from a sister company from another country. Others are delegated for a longer stay and want to bring their spouse and children with them. Some have to pay split taxes between the host country and their country of origin. Some may be absolved of obtaining a work permit altogether. And even if you successfully go through all these procedures, there’s still the payroll issue that can throw you off.

Their benefits are often the same as the ones they had in their country of origin, as well as their holidays, taxes, but that’s not always the case. Then there’s shadow payroll, split-currency salary and hypothetical taxation that you might need to know about.

What can we do for you

Many of these aspects can be overwhelming. After all, the labor law was never easy to tackle, the rules on taxation and social security for foreign workers don’t quite resemble the ones applicable for Romanian nationals, and immigration procedures are known to be Kafkaesque and time-consuming. However, none of these are “mission impossible”, and with our help, any HR can come to not only grasp, but also apply the procedures to successfully transfer an employee across the border.

We offer clear and up-to-date guidelines and procedures for every aspect on subjects like transferring ICT workers, applying for the A1 form, obtaining tax residency, receiving a Van Der Elst visa and many more. Transferring expatriates shouldn’t come with stress and uncertainty. And that’s what our intuitive workshops are for.

A multicultural event is a time well spent!

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