Intercultural Trainings

Our intercultural training sessions are meant to ease the stress of relocation, to diminish culture shock and to tear down the barriers in business communication. The main purpose of an intercultural training is to make sure that the assignees and their families will have an easy and stress-free transition into the new destination country and culture, therefore being able to integrate faster in the day-to-day living and working environment.

Below you can find the types of training we offer.

Culture shock: introduction into Romanian culture

Changes can be difficult or scary. The novelty of what they bring about can overwhelm the people involved. When the change is related to relocating to another country, the insecurity and uncertainty arise. That is why we are here. This training is designed to catalyze the accommodation to Romanian culture. The cultural shock can be easily diminished or even extinguished when knowledge, skills, and motivation start working together. Interaction with Romanian nationals will come with ease and very few surprises.

Cultural differences

Misunderstandings can be funny, but when they appear in a business context, they can cost the performance of your employee, a client, a stakeholder or even the team’s fruitful collaboration.

Some cultures are low context, which means they approach matters in an explicit way, sometimes even bluntly, and very often the things being said don’t have other implications than what is stated. Other cultures are high context, which means there is an extra layer of meaning or expectations to what is said or done during social interactions. Understanding the differences between the trainee’s culture and Romanian culture and becoming familiar with common faux pas between people in the business world from these two cultures will prepare them for a successful collaboration with their colleagues and partners.

Cross-cultural team buildings and events

From business trips in Romania, to themed dinners or gatherings and team buildings, our team is always prepared to meet your requirements for the perfect event for your diverse team. We know that the smallest of details can account for the difference between an idle interaction and true bonding between professionals.

Let us worry about the logistics so that you can be socially present for your guests. We provide all the necessary travel assistance for trips to Bucharest or around the Romanian countryside, we can arrange for authentic Romanian evenings that won’t be easy to forget, or if you’d like a more unusual dinner, you can pick the theme and we’ll be excited to bring it to life.

We can offer you a customized offer that will satisfy even the most exigent tastes. We do not take back from anything and our mission is to come to your aid with realistic proposals that fit your event.

Culture shock, take a walk!

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