You call, we payroll! Outsource your payroll activities with us, and you won’t have to worry about things like monthly payroll processes and reports preparation, payment orders, processing the pay-slips, tax returns processing, support in assisting clients during state authorities’ check-ups, are our payroll specialists main focus.

What we bring to the table?

Plan of monthly activities

It contains all the activities and deadlines required for monthly payroll calculation and agreeing this plan with client’s representatives.

Collection and input of necessary data for salary calculation

These data include timesheets, sick leave, annual leave, staff turnover, salary modifications, bonuses, charges, penalties, deductions, guarantees, etc.

Salary calculation

The calculation refers to client’s employees and related taxes according to Romanian law and the companies’.

Taxes statements

We generate Salary & Social Security Contribution Tax Statement (Statement 112).

Bank payment files

We provide tax documentation for client’s employees as per the client’s bank request.

Meal vouchers

We offer the files for meal vouchers in the format requested by the client’s supplier (if required).


We generate and send payslips via email to each employee.

Payroll charts

Nestlers can help you with generating the payroll charts for your employees.

Certificates and notes

Drafting of various certificates such as: employment certificate, salary certificate, medical certificate, retirement contribution certificate, unemployment certificate, bank certificate, parental leave, accounting notes, personnel records in accordance with the Romanian Labour Law, deduction files, etc.

Personalized salary reports

We can generate customized payments reports based on your needs.

Payment of the medical leave

Recovering the value of the medical leave paid by the employer on behalf of the Romanian Health Insurance Authority.

Keeping the record as per the Romanian Law in the Employee’s Registry (REVISAL):

Registration of new contracts, termination, changes, suspension affecting the employment contract posting of workers, etc. Submitting this registry (REVISAL) to the Labour Authorities (ITM).

Stay on a roll while we handle your payroll!

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