Monthly and annual tax statements

Everything is easier when you can rely on a team of professionals to get the job done. If all the documentation feels overwhelming, and you still have other issues to take into account, we are here to provide our help when it comes to obtaining certificates from the Romanian authorities.

Tax and related issues can be a complicated matter, but Nestlers is here to aid you find the best approaches to solving them, as our dedicated tax consultants have made it their goal to find simple and easy to grasp solutions to very complex issues. Let us handle your monthly and annual tax statements.

What can we provide?

  • Tax assessments – during this process we will establish the taxable income;
  • Tax registration;
  • Tax deregistration;
  • Calculation of income tax and social security contributions due in Romania;
  • Filling in the applicable tax statement;
  • Submitting the tax statements to the Romanian Tax Authority.

Your tax registration, our action.

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