Labor Law Audit

Reduce the risks and make sure that every legal aspect is taken into account. The Labor Law Audit provided by Nestlers team helps you to identify any potential non-compliances of your documentation with the law in force. Our team of professionals will take the responsibility of a thorough check so that you can relax and focus on other matters.

Here are the activities that we can help you with:

  • The validation of proper preparation of employment file;
  • The validation of the preparation of individual labor contracts;
  • The registration of the individual working contracts in Revisal;
  • The validation of job descriptions;
  • The validation of the additional documentation for individual labor contracts;
  • The validation for the documentation concerning the termination/ change/ suspension
    of the individual labor contracts;
  • The validation of the decisions on the termination of labor contracts;
  • The validation of work certificates;
  • The validation of the employment termination form.
  • Solutions/ Recommendations for the personnel files corrections

Eliminate the stress of searching for the legal context as far as employment is concerned. Our consultants are prepared to answer all your questions and provide professional advice related to the labor documentation. Ask for a labor law audit and we will make sure that your file is in order.

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