The immigration process for EU workers requires them to obtain a few documents before the start of a new assignment. That’s why we’re here for both you and your employees. Changing countries can be a difficult process, which is why we recommend streamlining your immigration, relocation and tax advisory services meant to welcome your global talent with a single consultancy firm. This way they will have a clearer view on their journey in the host country and will be able to quickly take charge of their new role in the company. 


Here’s what the immigration process requires:


Obtaining registration certificates


EU nationals may not need a residence permit, but this document is replaced with the registration certificate.


Obtaining studies recognition 


How are the expatriate’s studies going to match those needed for the posting? And how are the expatriate’s children going to enroll in school? The dossier must contain several documents covering their previous studies that in some cases may need to be legalized/ authenticated.

This is not a test. We’ll take care of the rest.

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