We are experts in finding non-EU workforce and talents for your business, as we are working closely with our specialized network of partners in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries. Together with our international partners we manage to meet your business’ needs, by selecting experienced and relevant applicants.

Qualified and Non-qualified staff selections and assessment

When we start the selection process, we already know what you look for in a potential employee and how to filter the candidates so that they have all the qualities mentioned in the job announcement.

Clear recruitment procedures

We don’t leave anything to chance. Every part of the selection process takes place according to the procedures established beforehand.

Reliable and careful selections of each candidate

We either accompany you to the country of origin for face-to-face meetings with candidates, or we schedule online video calls with each of them to see if they match up to their experience.

Streamlined immigration processes

Immigration visas, work permits and anything else your employees will need to be able to work in Romania, we can provide. So leave it up to us and you won’t have to worry about the intricacy of Romanian laws.

Talent sourcing cannot be easier!

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