Global Mobility

To streamline the complicated process of sending employees abroad, Nestlers offers a dedicated visa program for the outbound files, thus trying to bring added value in terms of cost and time efficiency for our clients. Our mobility consultants provide integrated immigration, relocation and tax consultancy. We are the first company in Romania to offer these services in one.

Pre-planning the STAs / LTAs 

Information on general legal migration framework and guidelines from the host country, an estimated time-horizon of project deployment and an estimation of costs associated with the entire process.

Organizing Assignments 

Strategic analysis of the specific legal migration framework and guidelines from the host country and drafts a list of documents needed to be prepared from Romania, as well as a list of documents needed in the host country.

Support in difficult times

Our extensive know-how and experience can prove a valuable asset when our clients are faced with difficult and sensitive situations.

International transfers management 

Our team of global mobility specialists provides real-time monitoring and reporting of the status updates regarding the situation in the field, in the host country. Therefore the HR managers or project managers having employees assigned abroad will have a complete and accurate overview of all assignments worldwide.

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