Brexit Series: Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare is included within the Brexit agreement, while the existing health insurance arrangements that have been done up until the 31st of December 2020, will continue to be applied starting with the 1st of January 2021.

Therefore, as per art. SSC.17, SSC.25 and the appendix SSCI-2 included within the commercial and cooperation agreement settled between the European Union and the United Kingdom, an EU citizen on a temporary stay in the UK (a tourist, a student or a business traveler) will continue to be the beneficiaries of the necessary healthcare based on the valid European Health Insurance Card (CEASS) or the valid Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC).

However, for longer stays, the UK domestic immigration law might involve additional requirements. In particular, the United Kingdom will impose a surcharge on third-country nationals for healthcare as a condition for issuing an entry visa for a longer stay for more than 6 months. This surcharge will also have to be paid by EU citizens, but will be reimbursed to students and individuals who remain insured in the Member State (holders of S1 portable documents).

In the case of EU retirees moving to the UK, they will continue to receive healthcare from their country of residence on behalf of the state paying for their pension, using the S1 portable document. The same goes for border workers (individuals who work in one state but live in another).

Furthermore, Romanian insured individuals, holders of the S1 portable document (for example retirees and their family members, students with Erasmus scholarships, frontier workers), will be entitled to the benefits granted on behalf of the issuing institution in Romania (the health insurance company which hold your records), by the institution of the United Kingdom, as if you were insured in the United Kingdom under national law. This document is issued by the Romanian insurance company and must be registered with the assigned institution in the United Kingdom.

The British health insurance holders traveling to Romania may continue to use the European Health Insurance Card – CEASS (EHIC) or the Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) until their expiry date. Upon expiration, they will need to apply for the new UK Global Health Insurance Card – GHIC or the new GHIC PRC Provisional Replacement Certificate – issued by the United Kingdom.

Additionally, British health insurance holders, whom are also holders of the S1 portable document will be entitled to benefits provided, on behalf of the issuing institution in the United Kingdom, by the Romanian institution, as if they had been insured in Romania under national law. This document is issued by the assigned institution in the United Kingdom and must be registered at a health insurance company in Romania.

Andrei Toader, Tax Consultant NestlersGroup

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