Defined by personal relationships, loyalty, strong hierarchy and an utter respect for status, the Mexican business etiquette is quite an interesting one to look at. Even though the influences of the Mexican business culture tend to be more of a South American culture, the border with the United States had quite an impact on their professional etiquette. Have a read through the facts below and make sure you are well prepared through any encounter with your Mexican counterpart.

Primary Contact: Mexicans prefer a more personal relationship to their business counterparts, therefore it is advisable, if possible, to communicate everything in a face-to-face manner. If that is not a possibility, a call would be much more advised rather than a rigid email.

Punctuality: Mexicans tend to be quite flexible concerning time-management, comparing to other countries in North America. Out of respect, it is still quite important that you arrive on time to any professional meeting, however, you might be kept waiting until everyone makes an appearance.

Greetings: It is very important that you address your business counterparts with formal pronouns, followed by their surname. Regular handshakes are sufficient for greetings.

Gifting: Gifting is not considered to be a necessaire part of the Mexican business culture, however a small attention can get you a long way. If invited to a Mexican’s business collaborator house, it is appropriate to bring wine, chocolate or flowers.

Dress-code: Being such a status-conscious culture, dressing smart is quite a big part of their attire, this being an element that define a person’s importance and ranking. Therefore, it is quite important to be impeccably dressed in almost any professional setting.

Business Cards: When presenting your business card in Mexico, you should make sure you bring one that is translated into Spanish on one side. Business cards are usually handed at the beginning of the first meeting, without any formal ritual or introduction.

Meetings: Business meetings are considered within the Mexican business culture as a great source of information and idea-exchanging. Therefore, you can expect for them to take longer than initially set. Use this time in order to create a closer relationship to your business counterpart.

In conclusion, Mexican business culture, much similar to the South American cultures, are based on personal relationships and respectful communications. Make sure you take your time to establish a close relationship and even further, a potential friendship to your professional collaborator.

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