Are your services only for employees relocating to/from Romania?

We can help with immigration processes in countries other than Romania, as we can coordinate the processes worldwide via our network of vetted immigration specialists. Our complete services are available only for host and home companies located in Romania.

Can you help me with the recruitment and mobility of foreign workforce for my small Romanian business?

Yes, we can. Contact us to tell us about your business and we’ll come up with the best solution and assist you with recruitment, immigration, payroll, relocation and anything else needed.

What is an ICT worker?

An ICT worker is a non-EU highly skilled worker with an assignment of up to 3 years in an EU country. The ICT worker is an assignee, not a locally hired worker, therefore the payroll will remain in the home country.

What is the Van der Elst process?

The Van der Elst immigration process is a way of facilitating the access to other EU countries for non-EU workers that already have an assignment in one EU country.

What is the A1 form?

The A1 form is a document for intra-EU assignees that excludes them from having to pay social contributions while still benefiting from social security.

What is shadow payroll?

Assigning an employee in an office located in another country means they may have to pay income taxes to the host country, even though they still receive their income from the home country and pay social security and income taxes. Instating a shadow payroll is a question of compliance to that country’s legislation and helps multinationals avoid fines from public authorities.

Can you offer support for our inhouse global mobility team or consultant?

We can either offer our services for certain processes you might not be familiar with or we can offer training on how to handle them yourself.

If I need an employee at a certain time, how early should I start the process?

In case the employee is an EU citizen, the process will start after his/her employment is done, whereas for a non-EU citizen, the process should be started 3 months in advance the desired start date.

Could legal updates in Romania/the EU affect assignments in my company?

Yes, but you needn’t worry about a legal breach because we keep our clients up to date with legislation amendments so that they can implement the necessary changes in due time.

Are there any international schools present in Romania and are you able to support in finding the right one?

Yes, Romania has several international schools with American, British, French, Italian curriculum, present in various cities, mostly in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara and Iași and our team of professional relocation consultants will be supporting you in choosing the right one.

Once I receive a Romanian residence permit, can I travel freely within the EU?

No, the Romanian residence permit does not allow you free travel within the EU, a Schengen visa would be needed.

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