Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Things are never easy with international posting procedures for an HR specialist having to manage cross-border workersEspecially now, with so many different restrictions across the globe. So join us online! Take part in the Live Microsoft Teams Event series and have your questions answered.  


Experienced speakers, global mobility professionals that are well-versed in immigration, taxation and social security will be here in the online to share their insights with you and to address your questions.  


The first speaker in this series is Tanel Feldman, who will be covering the current practices in Germany, France and Belgium (the top 3 countries where Romanian companies have posted workers in 2018). He will be speak about the following topics:


  1. Duration of posting: concept and retrospective application
  2. Replacement condition: the effects of the new directives
  3. Expenditure actually incurred on account of the posting – the “shall dilemma”
  4. Terms and conditions of employment – concept of remuneration (but not only)
  5. The principle of favourability- legal value, “monetary value” and effectiveness


Speaker Bio 


Co-founder and senior partner of Immigration Law Associates, Tanel Feldman is specialised in intra-EU mobility legal matters, notably freedom to provide services and freedom of movement of workers. Tanel brings his expertise in complex cases related to social security coordination, labour and employment law, in the context of transnational provision of services. A member of the International Bar Association, European Law Institute, Labour Mobility Initiative, Tanel is conducting extensive research on the current dynamics between social dumping and protectionism, and its impact on the EU single market. 


This first live event will take place Friday, July 26, 10:00 am GMT+3. Please contact us at office@nestlersgroup.com for your free virtual ticket. Book the date and don’t forget to prepare your questions for Tanel. See you online! 


The Nestlers Team