We’re happy to announce our second online event from the EU Labor Law Breaching Risks webinar series, that will take place at 11:00 am Bucharest time, on July 3rd.

We hope you’ve not only enjoyed participating in the first webinar of the series, but that you also took all the learnings you needed. Because we’ve got even more insights on their way!

This time we’ve invited a global mobility professional with 20 years of experience as our speaker: Jordi Roca. He will speak about Non-EU workers with postings in multiple EU countries.

Here are the topics he will approach in the upcoming webinar:
1. Secondment of employees; compliance
2. Van der Elst case: how can a non-EU worker be posted to an EU country without having to obtain a work permit?
3. EU Social Security (EU regulations on social security; Difference between secondment and multi-state worker)
4. Double taxation and Conventions of Double Taxation
5. Shadow payroll

Speaker Bio:

Jordi Roca is a proven and respected expatriation consultant with 20 years’ experience advising major international corporations on matters of global mobility, corporate and personal immigration laws. He now is the director of GD Global Mobility, with offices across 5 major cities in Spain and clients both foreign and local, companies and investors, foundations, research centers and individual professionals. His legal expertise is put to good use by lecturing future generations at ISDE Law Business School as a professor. He has co-authored a book entitled Foreign investor’s immigration guide, Invest in Spain in 2012.

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