• Immigration offices are operating with limited services.
  • Town halls are operating only emergency applications by prior appointment.
  • Until April 14th flights, travel by bus, ship, train and land travel are suspended, except for:
    • Repatriation flights;
    • Postal, freight or empty flights;
    • German national and their families;
    • EU nationals and their families with permanent residence in Germany;
    • Non-EU nationals, holding a residence permit or long-term visa for Germany;
    • Travelers in transit;
    • Public health interest transportation, air ambulance and flights transporting transplant organs and accompanying staff;
    • Transportation for urgent humanitarian reasons;
    • Transportation on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations and its organizations.
  • No entry restrictions for travellers from other EU/Schengen Area country, regardless of nationality or purpose of travel.
  • Entry from non-EU/Schengen Area countries is only permitted to:
    • German nationals and residents with their families;
    • Partners of German residents, carrying a written invitation, a copy of their partner’s identity document and a declaration and proof of their relationship;
    • EU/Schengen Area/UK nationals and their families;
    • EU long-term residence permit holders and holders of other types of EU or national residence permits (newly issued permits are excluded, unless green listed as highly skilled);
    • Residents from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand;
    • Skilled and highly skilled employees whose activities are economically necessary and cannot be postponed or performed from abroad (including eligible business trips and travellers with newly approved EU Blue Cards, Intra-Company Cards and Specialist Permits);
    • Healthcare, transport and seasonal workers;
    • Students;
    • Family members traveling for family reunification or imperative family reasons.
  • Travelers must carry proof of pre-travel registration on entry. Airlines may require pre-travel registration even for travellers in transit who remain in the airport transit area.
  • Negative COVID-19 test result, from a test completed no more than 48 hours before entry, for all travellers.
    • The negative test result must be provided on paper or in an electronic document (in German, English or French).
    • Travelers under 6 are exempt.
    • Airlines may require a negative test result even for transiting travellers remaining in the airport transit area.
  • 10-day home quarantine for travellers who visited a ‘risk area’ in the 10 days prior to entry.
  • Quarantine duration can be reduced by completing a COVID-19 test after five days of quarantine. If testing negative, quarantine can cease. The test results must be kept for 10 days and, upon request, must be provided to German authorities.

Servicii oferite de Nestlers Group

Nestlers Group oferă servicii precum consultanta in imigrare, relocare, fiscalitate sau alte servicii din sfera resurselor umane şi solutii legale pentru rezolvarea provocărilor cu care se confruntă companiile in aceste domenii.

Driven by passion and shaped by years of experience in global mobility, we’re ready to take the leap with you. Even if that leap means you’re bringing in your first employee from abroad, or you’ve already been through this process countless times.

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