Minimum wage

The national minimum wage increased on January 1, 2021, from CZK 14,600 per month, to CZK 15,200 per month.

Legal working hours

The weekly working time is 40 hours per week.  The maximum length of a shift is 12 hours.

Overtime work may only be done in exceptional cases. Overtime work ordered on an employee may not exceed 8 hours per week and 150 hours per calendar year. Beyond this, the employer may require overtime work only when the employee agrees.

Minimum number of days/hours off:

  • Between the end of one shift and the beginning of the next shift, employees are entitled to a continuous rest period of at least 11 hours within 24 consecutive hours
  • This rest period may be reduced to up to 8 hours within 24 consecutive hours for employees over 18 years of age provided that the subsequent rest period is extended by the period of shortening
  • The employee is also entitled to an uninterrupted period of rest of at least 35 hours in a week. Uninterrupted weekly rest may not be less than 48 hours for a juvenile employee.


The employer is obliged to give the employee a break from work of at least 30 minutes for food and rest after a maximum of 6 hours of continuous work. This break shall not be provided at the beginning or at the end of working time and is not counted as working time.


The Labour Code provides employees with a minimum of 4 weeks of holiday time in a calendar year. An employee who has worked for the same employer for at least 60 days in a calendar year during an uninterrupted period of employment is entitled to holiday time in the calendar year, or a pro rata portion thereof if the employment did not last continuously for the whole calendar year.

Notification requirement as per The Posted Workers Directive

An employer posting an employee to the Czech Republic must inform in writing the respective regional branch of the Labour Office of this no later than on the day when this worker starts work.

The information obligation must be fulfilled irrespective of the length of the posting.

The only exception are international transport workers whose posting to the Czech Republic need not be reported.

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